What’s Been Holding Programmatic Mobile Audiences Back?

Due to the lack of 1:1 audience targeting on mobile, programmatic adaptation has been slow. Its sophisticated display ad tech players that have primarily owned audience targeting, and the industry has long thought of mobile data as siloed from cookie-based targeting, unsure of mobile’s feasibility or application in programmatic buying. While traditional display has been flowing through programmatic channels for many years now, the fastest growing and most sought after form of advertising (mobile) has yet to merge harmoniously with the fastest growing and most sought after form of media buying (programmatic).

The marriage of programmatic and mobile audiences started this week when NinthDecimal announced its programmatic mobile audiences solution. With this announcement, location-based mobile targeting data is now available through a number of strategic partnerships, allowing advertisers to buy mobile audiences programmatically. Just like NinthDecimal kick-started the mobile audience revolution, we are bringing mobile programmatic to the modern ages and offering brands the same great audience targeting in mobile they are used to online.

The NinthDecimal audience targeting solution is the first of its kind. Why? Because to create location data-based audiences that are accurate and will scale programmatically requires a high volume of vetted, precise data, and a platform that can support the precision. These two factors have been keeping mobile audiences from exploding onto the programmatic scene, and while some companies have solved for portions of the equation, NinthDecimal has all of the components in place to enable full programmatic mobile audience targeting.

There have been several market factors that have obstructed access to mobile audiences via programmatic.   Below is an overview of the two main factors and an explanation of how NinthDecimal has solved for these issues:

1)   Buyer Beware! Garbage Location Data Prevents Building Meaningful Audiences

Imprecise location data has played a big part in hindering the adoption of mobile programmatic buying. Specifically the inputting of poor data renders inaccurate and unscalable audiences. Given the “no-cookie” world of mobile, precise location serves as the essential ingredient in building and measuring audiences. Location is the context engine that associates consumers with first and third party data. Many mobile companies don’t thoroughly vet their location data for accuracy, preventing the creation of audiences that are worth targeting. Further clouding the accuracy of location data is the use of inferred centroid, randomized lat/long data, or IP address analysis based. If we’re purely looking at GPS location-data that is direct from a device via the publisher’s data it is essential that buyer’s be aware that an alarming percentage of that information is inaccurate. Without deeper filtering and scrubbing, the formula for understanding a target by their specific location is completely flawed.

At NinthDecimal, we authenticate inbound location data using five proactive filters. We then verify the context of the location by using a multi geocoding process to vet the static location data we have. If a places database says a store location is at a certain address, is it really there?

2)   Most Mobile Platforms Aren’t Built to Play with Programmatic

Some mobile companies built their platforms to target within grids – squares, polygons, triangles, you name it. However by constructing a platform around a grid, instead of the individual customer or device you want to target, means that programmatically targeting audiences outside of geo-fences is not possible. NinthDecimal’s platform is architected around the individual. This means that we can target our audiences outside of a preset zone. It also means audience targeting moves beyond simply targeting based on location. We augment the audience insights that our platform provides, with other data sources that marketers have used in other channels besides mobile, so you can target Pet Owners wherever they may go, not just when they’re at the park or a Petco.

NinthDecimal has succeeded in enabling full scale programmatic mobile audiences and demonstrated strength in areas where others have obstacles performing, and we’re excited to lead the way. To learn more, contact us at [email protected].