Webinar Round-Up: Full-Funnel Attribution Success & Future of Television

Everything you missed, on-demand.

OTT Marketing Cloud with Tru Optik

You know NinthDecimal enables advanced TV advertising on linear… but did you know we have the same capabilities across OTT? Join tomorrow’s webinar to learn how you can activate today!

You’ll learn:
• The value of using location data to identify your best customers
• About powerful audience segments informed by physical world behavior
• Why – and how – location-based audiences are activated across the TV landscape
• How leading marketers are measuring success

View the webinar slides here.

Adweek Webinar Series: Full-Funnel Attribution Success: More Than Just ROI with Affinity Solutions

Retail marketers tend to mistake attribution for a one-trick pony—a post-campaign “proof of ROI.” But attribution can be so much more. By applying attribution methods across the full customer lifecycle, you can uncover how your media affects customer perception and behavior across their entire path-to-purchase: from impression to store visit to purchase.

Join attribution experts from NinthDecimal and Affinity Solutions as they share how insights from a full-funnel attribution solution can drastically change your marketing decisions. You’ll find out:

A methodology for unlocking full-funnel attribution
What you can learn about customer behavior
How brands are using this kind of data to impact their marketing

Listen on-demand here.

Brand Innovators Webinar Series: The Future of Television with Viacom Vantage

Traditional television is anything but traditional today. Big broadcasters make content available via live TV, streaming, mobile, on-demand, subscriptions, cable, OTT…but what does it all mean to advertisers?

You now have more opportunities for using data in TV across planning, targeting, attribution, and ultimately reaching the best audiences. Join us for a lively panel discussion with Gabe Bevilacqua, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Viacom Vantage, and Kevin Ching, Vice President of Data at NinthDecimal, as they explore consumers’ shifting viewing habits, new tools, and untapped opportunities for marketers to apply the data of digital to the scale and emotion of television.

Listen on-demand here.