Three Ways to Think Omni-Channel This Year

Highlights from NinthDecimal’s newly released 2018 Bright Ideas Book showcase top omni-channel use cases and best practices

The omni-channel behavior of today’s consumers has forced marketers to constantly look for new ways to improve profitability in an increasingly competitive environment that is evolving every day. But with so many options to explore, it’s hard to know what to try and where to begin when building an omni-channel marketing program.

In light of the year ahead, we’ve compiled exemplary use cases in our 2018 Bright Ideas Book that showcase innovative ways top brands are using data and technology to achieve omni-channel marketing success. Key examples span across customer insights and campaign planning, to audience targeting and marketing ROI measurement across offline and online channels.

Here are three highlights from the 2018 Bright Ideas Book that illustrate how marketers can approach each stage of the campaign life cycle from an omni-channel perspective:

1. INSIGHTS & PLANNING: Major retailer taps into location data to expand its loyal customer base by 50%

  • Leveraged location data to identify people that shopped at the brand’s physical stores that were not captured in their CRM database.
  • Targeted those customers with an omni-channel campaign to drive loyalty program enrollment.

* BONUS TIP: Layer in purchase data to target high-value customers and prospects with special offers.

2. AUDIENCE TARGETING: Top shoe retailer retargets website and physical store shoppers with custom creative and incentives

  • Leveraged location data to identify people who visited a store over a 60-day period.
  • Created audience of website visitors via pixel/cookies.
  • Delivered those audience members custom mobile ads and website content promoting shopped items and special offers.

Combine online and physical shopping data to deliver relevant product recommendations.

* BONUS TIP: Onboard CRM data to suppress website and store visitors who purchased and only target non-purchasers.

3. ROI MEASUREMENT: Major consumer electronics brand measures the effectiveness of its largest-ever product launch

  • Ran massive omni-channel ad campaign spanning display, mobile, TV and OOH media.
  • Used combined data to target loyalists, competitors’ customers and consumers with specific lifestyles and interests, like college-aged gamers.
  • Measured foot traffic lift across 9,000+ locations, covering its full product distribution footprint.

* BONUS TIP: Leverage visit data with retail/distribution partners to unlock greater co-marketing dollars.

You can download the full 2018 Bright Ideas Book here. We hope the use cases and best practices are illuminating and help you shoot your marketing program to the stars this upcoming year!