Embracing Outcome-Based Measurement For Growth

Ever heard of “Don’t buy if you can’t track”? This is particularly true for digital advertising. In the U.S., advertisers are expected to spend $129 billion in digital media this year, per eMarketer. While the business objectives could be anything from increasing brand preference to foot traffic or sales, most digital media KPIs tend to […]

Three Ways to Think Omni-Channel This Year

Highlights from NinthDecimal’s newly released 2018 Bright Ideas Book showcase top omni-channel use cases and best practices The omni-channel behavior of today’s consumers has forced marketers to constantly look for new ways to improve profitability in an increasingly competitive environment that is evolving every day. But with so many options to explore, it’s hard to […]

NinthDecimal Unveils the First Website-to-Store Attribution Product: Website LCI®

A few years ago, the big retail trend was “showrooming” – customers browsing in store but ultimately buying online. That trend, combined with several other factors, led many retail brands to heavy up on their ecommerce investments. Over the past year, however, the opposite trend has emerged. Webrooming (customers researching products online before buying them […]

Bottoms Up to a High Video Completion Rate

It’s time to grab the salt shakers and limes to salute an award-winning tequila brand that successfully ran a retargeting campaign, resulting in a 73% video completion rate (VCR). The Brand launched an outdoor billboard campaign across major cities in the U.S., and using NinthDecimal’s audience intelligence data, was able to retarget individuals who passed […]

Location Data the Key to Cross-Channel Attribution

As cross-channel advertising becomes more sophisticated, the need for cross-channel attribution and measurement has increased. In a recent blog post, Vikrant Gandhi of Frost & Sullivan shared his perspective on the need for advanced measurement across channels, citing mobile location data as a strong signal for understanding actual consumer behavior and ultimately measuring campaign effectiveness. […]