Swarovski Measures Ad Campaign Across Media Channels… And It Sparkles!

Valentine’s Day and Swarovski campaign results are a perfect match! Read more to find out how NinthDecimal helped boost Swarovski’s Mother’s Day promotions.

Cross-Channel Campaign Drives 25% Lift in Visits to Swarovski Locations

For the all-important Mothers’ Day weekend, Swarovski, a leading jewelry retailer, needed to reach its audience across digital, out-of-home (OOH), and print media to ultimately drive in-store traffic and increase sales. For such a significant campaign, it was critical for Swarovski to be able to measure that success and understand how each form of media contributed to store visits and overall sales.

Swarovski uses NinthDecimal to measure visits during campaign

Attribution Strategy

Swarovski enlisted the help of NinthDecimal, who developed a first-of-its-kind cross-media attribution study to determine the impact that the Mothers’ Day campaign had on physical world behavior. By comparing the behavior of individuals exposed to the ads – whether online, in a magazine, or through OOH media like mall signage or spectaculars – to the behavior of an otherwise identical unexposed control group, Swarovski was able to understand how the ad campaign drove incremental visitation to its retail locations.

2.2 times higher lift compared to using only digital

Campaign Results

The campaign was highly successful; all three types of media drove an incremental lift in foot traffic to Swarovski stores. NinthDecimal was also able to parse this metric by market and tactic to provide greater insight into which strategies drove behavioral change.

While each type of media drove a lift in visitation, the highest LCI® lift was seen among individuals who were exposed to both digital and out-of-home media, showing that a cross-channel approach can be incredibly effective.

Finally, Swarovski compared the store visit metrics to total sales data, and found that these two metrics were in line with one another throughout the campaign timeline. Both metrics peaked on the day before Mothers’ Day – when last-minute gift givers were shopping with urgency.

Actionable Insight

The learnings from this attribution study will help Swarovski make more efficient decisions and defend their advertising strategy across the organization. As Hyewon Lee, VP Marketing Communication, Consumer Goods Business Americas, Swarovksi, shared,

“The insight we gained from working with NinthDecimal reaffirmed many of the assumptions we were making from years of marketing experience. Having the concrete numbers to support our decisions (especially with top management) will be invaluable as we continue to plan and budget across different forms of media.”

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