Samsung & Starcom Share Location Insights with MMA Audience

Marketers, agency partners, and technology experts all gathered a few weeks ago at MMA’s Location Leadership Forum to discuss the power of location data in today’s marketing programs. The attendees heard how notable brands like Wendy’s, PepsiCo, and Volvo use location data to inform audience targeting. They heard about cutting edge location technology from folks like Philips. And they even heard directly from consumers in a panel of Gen Z representatives.

One of these sessions featured Mike Desanti, Associate Director of Communication Planning at Starcom, and NinthDecimal client Whitney Jones, SVP of Data & Analytics at Publicis Groupe, who shared the recent work they’ve done with Samsung. As they noted, location data plays a large role in Samsung’s strategy, from experiential marketing to campaign and audience insights. Read on for session highlights.

Key takeaways from Samsung’s location-based marketing initiatives:

Whitney Jones, SVP of Data & Analytics at Publicis Groupe speaks at MMA Location Leadership Forum

  • Location snaps brand experiences into focus: Through location-based geofilters on Snapchat, Samsung developed unique branded experiences during events like the Tribeca Film Festival and Austin City Limits. While the events were local to NYC and Austin, respectively, Samsung brought the experiences to relevant audiences on a national scale.
  • Offline behavior drives human insights: Samsung utilized NinthDecimal’s physical world behavior data to determine which types of customers were most likely to visit their stores. They found that movie and entertainment lovers and DIY enthusiasts made up a big part of their customer base, supporting their ongoing messaging strategy of “Do what you can’t” aimed towards creative individuals.
  • Location informs media and targeting strategy: By measuring a recent campaign with NinthDecimal’s Location Conversion Index, Samsung could compare how different tactics and channels drove people to stores. They found that geotargeted ads drive a 6.7x higher lift in foot traffic than non-geotarged ads. They also compared performance across Digital and TV campaigns, finding that customers who saw ads across both mediums showed a 1.8x higher foot traffic lift than people who only saw Digital ads. These kinds of insights will help Samsung plan flighting, targeting, and media mix in future campaigns.

After the presentation, an audience member asked if the insights discovered through location data changed any of Samsung’s strategy moving forward. Jones replied, “these insights absolutely influenced the way we think about audiences, and how we map messaging to them.”