NinthDecimal Reveals the Top TV Programs & Networks Among Fast Food Diners

On average, diners at the top 5 QSRs watch 12 percent more TV than the general population. So, what are they watching and when? The results may surprise you! Combining location intelligence and TV ratings, NinthDecimal uncovered viewing trends of diners from the top 5 QSRs that can easily be activated by brands.

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QSR Diners Not Only Have Different Tastes In Food, But TV Programming Too!

  • Discover the top Networks, Shows, and Dayparts to reach customers of the top 5 QSR brands
  • ABC beat out CBS and NBC as the most-watched network among QSR Diners
  • Drama has QSR diners’ attention: Designated Survivor — the No. 1 show watched among customers from 4 out of the top 5 QSRs

Creating a Comprehensive View of Your Customers

For Fast Food brands, knowing what your customers are watching and what your competitors’ customers are watching will definitely help with your media plan, whether it is for enhancing loyalty or for conquesting. As evidenced by the Bee Gees Special data findings, QSR diners not only watch more TV, but they also have different viewing behaviors than the general population. More specifically, different QSR brand customers demonstrate different viewing behaviors by QSR brands that marketers can use to help develop their TV media buying strategy. After all, your ads work better if they are seen by the right audience, and that’s beyond the typical age and gender.

Simply put, by combining location data with TV viewership, QSR brands and franchisees can now have a more informed view of their customers for effective TV planning and marketing, and media can use this information with their content planning and ad sales.

We call it a win-win.