NinthDecimal Presents at iMedia Summit on How Physical World Data Can Help Buyers Understand the Consumer’s Journey


Lauren Zukowski presenting at iMedia Programmatic Bootcamp

Cracking a home run at iMedia’s “The Future of Content, Publishing, & Media Buying” was our MVP Lauren Zukowski, Senior Partner Manager, Programmatic Solutions, leading a Programmatic Bootcamp session on how marketers can understand a consumer’s journey using CRM and physical world data in programmatic environments.

She speculated that physical world data will continue to be a big part of buyers 2017 programmatic plan, but an even larger part of their omni-channel strategy.  Lauren also acknowledged the importance of traditional data sets, such as CRM, website, and 3rd Party data, and how they are all effective for various reason.

In her words, “CRM data or first party data is a valuable base because it is a known asset; there is no question about intent or modeling involved. With website also known as second party data, we add more knowledge about the consumer’s interests and journey: how do they research, engage with the brand, and perhaps, make online purchases?

Third party data can be the icing on the cake that is scalable and builds out a more comprehensive picture of your customers or finds consumers who index high for various attributes.  As much as these first three data sets are integral to understanding your customer’s journey, there is a fourth set of data that can really fill in the blindspot of how customers spend their time and connect the first three datasets. Physical world location data allows us to know where have they been, where did they go today, where do they go frequently visit, and what their hobbies are.  It allows us to see through the consumer’s lens and find out more about their interest, loyalties, habits, and purchase intent.  By understanding the consumer’s journey through physical world data, brands are able to identify their consumers and build rich profiles on them, which can be used in their omni-channel marketing efforts. When this data is applied in the powerful programmatic context, it maximizes efficiencies across the campaign lifecycle.”

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