NinthDecimal Puts 6 Common Location-based Measurement Myths to the Test During a Recent Webinar


Measurement Mythbusters

Several hundred of the industry’s finest tuned into NinthDecimal’s webinar last week to set the record straight on 6 common industry myths surrounding location data measurement such as “It is impossible to tell whether a person actually visited, or was just nearby” and “Location-based measurement is not as actionable as sales data.” These myths, along with others, were tackled during the 60 min. webinar as NinthDecimal senior executives explored the impact that location data is having on solving the problem of offline attribution and what marketers should know when considering a location based measurement solution.

If you missed out on last week’s webinar: Debunking the 6 Myths of Location-Based Measurement – don’t worry! You can catch the replay using the link below:

In addition to debunking the 6 myths of location-based measurement several other key topics were covered during the webinar such as:

  • The actual limitations of location data precision
  • Why sample size is a key factor in accurate and actionable results
  • Insight into how to set up offline attribution for more than just digital media
  • Why location data is complementary and additive to traditional transaction studies

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