NinthDecimal CPG Mobile Audience Insights Report Reveals New Data Around Mobile’s Continued Transformation of Consumers’ Path-to-Purchase

70% of CPG Shoppers Tried a New Brand or Product as a Result of Seeing a Mobile Ad, a 49% Increase Over 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — Jan 22, 2015 — NinthDecimal, the leading mobile audience intelligence company, today released its consumer packaged goods (CPG) “Mobile Audience Insights Report,” which reveals how mobile is increasingly influencing all stages along the shopper’s path-to-purchase. The research examines how mobile usage and marketing is transforming how shoppers interact with CPG brands – from research to in-store, as well as mobile’s role with coupons, grocery apps and online grocery shopping. One of the most significant findings is the increased influence of mobile advertising, with 70 percent of consumers trying a new product as a direct result of seeing a mobile ad.

CPG brands now have more opportunities to influence shoppers on their mobile devices during product discovery, preparing for their shopping trip and while in-store. As shown by the findings, 68 percent of consumers use their mobile device to discover a CPG brand or product prior to shopping, while 86 percent use their mobile device to prepare for their grocery shopping, and 59 percent use their mobile device while grocery shopping.

Mobile ads have also proven more effective in 2014, driving a 75 percent lift in store visits compared to the control audience that did not see the ad, a 36 percent lift over 2013 drive-to-retail campaigns.

“Consumers increasing use of their mobile devices throughout their path-to-purchase offers CPG brands an enormous opportunity to influence shoppers at every step of their purchase life cycle,” said David Staas, president of NinthDecimal. “Our latest report provides the market with new data around how consumers rely on mobile devices, from research and consideration to creating their shopping list, and ultimately purchases.”

Key report findings revealed:

  • 70% of consumers tried a new CPG product or brand after seeing a mobile ad in 2014 – a 49% increase over 2013
  • 59% of consumers use their mobile device while grocery shopping — a 16% increase over 2013
  • CPG mobile ads drove 75% more store visits than a control group of shoppers who didn’t see the ads
  • 56% of grocery shopping app users are millennials
  • 69% of online grocery shoppers use their mobile device to purchase CPG products

Consumers Use Mobile Devices Most Heavily During Planning Phase of CPG Path-to-Purchase
86 percent of shoppers now use mobile devices to plan their shopping trips, revealing an enormous opportunity for CPG brands to engage and influence their audience before they arrive at the store. According to the report, 59 percent of consumers use their mobile devices for their shopping list, and 69 percent prefer to use mobile devices to find, save and redeem coupons – a 25 percent increase from 2013.

How CPG Brands Can Increase In-Store Ad Engagement
Mobile’s influence on CPG shoppers extends beyond the planning phase with a majority of consumers (59 percent) using their mobile while shopping – a 16 percent increase from 2013. The top three in-store interactions include reviewing shopping lists (42 percent), searching for promotions or discounts (37 percent) and browsing recipes (35 percent). The two most active groups, moms and millennials, shared an increase over the general population in the same in-store engagements with over 50 percent reviewing shopping lists, and 67 percent of moms searching for discounts or promotions. In addition, 69 percent of shoppers redeemed coupons via their mobile device, and 58 percent of consumers reported downloading a grocery store app – a 16 percent increase over 2013.

About NinthDecimal
NinthDecimal is the leading mobile audience intelligence company empowering marketers with the most comprehensive understanding of people by connecting their digital and physical lives. Fortune 500 companies and marquee brands, including Best Buy, Gap, Microsoft, Samsung, and Volkswagen, use NinthDecimal to achieve high-performing campaigns by reaching and engaging the same audience across all media channels on a single platform. By bridging online and offline data sources, NinthDecimal offers the most precise audience solution in the market to create a true understanding of mobile consumers and how to engage them throughout their path-to-purchase. Its Location Conversion Index® (LCI®) is the mobile industry’s most accurate ROI metric that measures incremental lift in store visits directly attributed to mobile ad campaigns, and its data partnerships with leading companies like Datalogix and Neustar provide a comprehensive closed-loop solution for marketers.

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