NinthDecimal Accelerates Its Enterprise SaaS Business In 2018

High Growth Data and Measurement Businesses Help Fuel Profitability Milestone

SAN FRANCISCO — May 9, 2019 — NinthDecimal, the leading omni-channel marketing platform, today announced its continued success in offering enterprise SaaS based products which fueled strong company performance in 2018 that carried through Q1 2019. This includes customer growth, expanded partnerships, and new product innovations in the market.

“CMOs recognize that their success is based on their ability to drive real world results like visits and purchases. This is changing the way brands measure their marketing and advertising budgets,” said Michael Fordyce, CEO of NinthDecimal. “It has created a major movement away from traditional vanity metrics such as clicks and likes to focus on what really matters.”

NinthDecimal’s increase in enterprise SaaS revenues has been driven by strong demand for its Data and Measurement solutions that combined for 49% in year-over-year growth and now represent more than 60% of the company’s overall revenues. These collective business trends have resulted in several financial accomplishments, including significant EBITDA positivity in Q4 2018.

“The shift away from vanity metrics is driving rapid adoption of our marketing platform as brands look to NinthDecimal to be their growth engine to help generate new customers, understand marketing effectiveness and provide deep insight into their customers,” continued Fordyce. “We are helping them untap billions of dollars in potential business growth.”

In 2018, NinthDecimal continued to build out its 9D Marketing Platform with its integrated Audience, Insights, Measurement (AIM) product suite at the core of helping companies create growth strategies. By continuing to round out its product portfolio, customers are able to take a more integrated approach to using NinthDecimal’s Marketing Platform to drive growth. In fact, 75% of its top 20 customers are multi-product users taking full advantage of NinthDecimal’s solutions.

Product highlights from 2018 include:

  • The launch of NinthDecimal’s self-serve online audience building dashboard.
  • The launch of NinthDecimal’s self-serve online customer insights dashboard.
  • Visitation Metrics which give marketers more ways to understand how their marketing is optimally performing at deepening loyalty, securing and retaining at risk customers and driving new customer acquisition.
  • Visit Stream, providing a real-time data stream of customer visitation for optimization directly into a brand’s marketing stacks.
  • NinthDecimal’s cost-per-visit performance media solution launched at the end of 2017 generated strong customer demand resulting in revenue growth of more than 200% in 2018.
  • Completion of Comscore’s multi-faceted review process, which validated the accuracy and aptness of NinthDecimal’s location data, as well as its data hygiene practices.

Agencies, publishers and brands are leveraging NinthDecimal’s marketing platform to solve some of their biggest business challenges and opportunities. In 2018:

  • Agencies leveraged NinthDecimal’s offline behavior to win billions of dollars in new business.
  • Large media companies used NinthDecimal’s measurement solutions to show the value they are bringing to their advertisers in driving visits, win greater share of the advertising marketplace and help challenge the industry’s duopoly.
  • Fortune 500 brands implemented NinthDecimal’s offline behavior to secure stronger distribution channels, that can impact billions of dollars in revenue in their favor through better product placements and execution of co-marketing dollars.

NinthDecimal significantly expanded its partnerships and customer base in 2018. This includes 3,000 companies that are now using NinthDecimal’s Audience Data solutions. Its Data and Insights are distributed across 250 partnerships across the marketing ecosystem including DSPs, DMPs, social channels, search and TV buying platforms.


About NinthDecimal

NinthDecimal is the omni-channel marketing platform powering real-world conversions for Fortune 500 brands. Its customer growth engine identifies a brand’s best customers and new prospects; activates marketing strategies to drive store visits and sales; and quantifies the impact of advertising across all media. NinthDecimal has the largest real-time engine of consumer behavior based on where you live, work, shop, and play. Its platform is powered by nearly 200M U.S. consumers seen in almost 10 billion locations per day, unlocking AI-driven consumer intelligence not visible through traditional search or social platforms.

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