Mobile Marketing Predictions 2014

As we see the fast-evolving industry of mobile marketing technology continue to progress, we can’t wait to see what other trends will emerge. Considering the sudden growth in the industry, we feel it’s a perfect time elaborate on our top three predictions for mobile technology trends in 2014:

Turning Big Data into Mobile Intelligence:  Location data acts as a real-world cookie in mobile, revealing a unique audience signal via massive amounts of data. This year, we will see the most effective mobile advertisers leverage big data platforms that translate raw location data into actionable audience intelligence and communicate with their core audiences like never before.

Completing the Path-to-Purchase Puzzle: Mobile usage has transformed the traditional path to purchase, and has given companies an unprecedented view into purchaser activity. Connecting the dots between online and offline purchases however, reveals even more about consumer behavior. By linking consumers’ interactions between the physical and digital worlds seamlessly, marketers can create an even richer profile of their targeted audience.

Measuring Mobile ROI: The ability to track beyond the click with new measurement solutions has given marketers a higher level of understanding into the effectiveness of their mobile ad campaigns. However, this leaves a critical question unanswered — whether their mobile ads are actually driving customers into stores and leading to sales. This year, brands will seek robust solutions that offer advanced measurement and ROI capabilities that span the consumer’s path to purchase.

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