Location in Mobile Advertising: Insights from IAB’s Austin Roadshow

This week I had the opportunity to participate in the IAB’s Austin Mobile Marketing Location Roadshow where I presented a Microsoft Stores case study and participated on a panel with execs from LIN Mobile and AOL/Mapquest.  The subject of the panel was the use of location in mobile. Specifically, how brands can use location data to develop actionable mobile plans.

Kim Thom IAB's Austin Roadshow

Kim Thom of NinthDecimal sharing insights at IAB’s Austin Roadshow

A key insight that resonated was the ability to utilize pre-campaign analytics to inform your mobile strategy prior to launch.  Learning about your target customers’ mobile behaviors before embarking on a campaign is a great way to zero in on the best way to approach them on mobile.  Where do they go? What other brands do they have an affinity for? These insights can be extremely valuable to the successful execution of your plan.

Mobile advertising is a fast moving industry that can be a challenge for agencies and brands to stay abreast of.  Meeting with companies who play in the mobile/location space is a great way to stay on top of the latest innovations. Most companies large and small appreciate the opportunity to share their capabilities and help educate you on the mobile space.  In addition, many are willing to showcase the depth of their data prior to receiving an IO to demonstrate their ability to successfully reach your audience.

And finally, don’t be afraid to jump in and test mobile.  A great way to learn about engagement rate, scale of audience and the resonance of creative is to put a toe in the water. The unique thing about location powered mobile is that even if the specific KPI isn’t met, the resulting data is insightful and enlightening.