Location Data the Key to Cross-Channel Attribution

As cross-channel advertising becomes more sophisticated, the need for cross-channel attribution and measurement has increased. In a recent blog post, Vikrant Gandhi of Frost & Sullivan shared his perspective on the need for advanced measurement across channels, citing mobile location data as a strong signal for understanding actual consumer behavior and ultimately measuring campaign effectiveness.

The benefits of location data go beyond simple panel-based measurement. By working with a sophisticated attribution partner like NinthDecimal, advertisers can examine LCI® Lift (our proprietary metric for measuring incremental lift in store traffic) across channels and at the intersection of media exposure. The example shared in Gandhi’s article highlights just this – by comparing foot traffic lift for TV, TV + Display, and TV + Mobile, one of our clients found that individuals exposed to both TV and Mobile advertisement were most likely to subsequently visit a store.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 15.42.04

Source: NinthDecimal, Frost & Sullivan

The insights available through this kind of analysis can help advertisers optimize their media spend and make smarter decisions about future campaign strategies, without having to wait 6-12 weeks for revenue metrics. And this ability goes beyond media type. When there’s enough scale, we can compare LCI® Lift across Creative, Channel Partners, Targeting Tactics, and more.

Basic measurement of foot traffic can only go so far. The true insights come when you can measure incrementality – did the campaign actually change consumers’ offline behavior? Did they visit more than they would have without being exposed to the campaign? And how did the media mix of the campaign affect these results?

These are the questions we help advertisers answer on a daily basis. Our clients are innovative, data-driven, and hungry to optimize. And more than 170 verified partners trust our precision to deliver the advanced results they need. We’re committed to providing the most sophisticated solution in the market because we know that the need for cross-channel attribution is only going to grow.

Read the full article to discover how Gandhi sees the future of cross-channel attribution.