Learn About Offline Attribution in Our Brand New Measurement Playbook

Measurement Playbook

NinthDecimal 2016 Measurement Playbook

NinthDecimal is proud to share our hot-off-the-press Measurement Playbook, aimed to educate the ecosystem on how location data can help marketers measure advertising’s impact on real world behavior. The playbook guides the reader through the challenges marketers face with traditional attribution options and how the right location data can reveal true offline attribution insights. You’ll also learn how LCI®, our proprietary measurement solution, is the industry’s first return on investment (ROI) metric that measures the actual incremental increase of store visits while debunking some common myths about path-to-purchase measurement along the way.

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Want to learn more? Join NinthDecimal and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) for a webinar on Oct 5th, 2-3pm EST, where we’ll dive even deeper into the most common offline attribution myths – and the truth behind each.

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