Register: Stages of a Digital Marketing Campaign Webinar

Putting together a successful digital proximity marketing campaign requires careful planning and execution. From initial audience targeting to sorting through mountains of data to assess campaign results, the success or failure of a campaign is predicated on many factors.

Proximity Marketing Webinar, February 28, 1PM EST

Please join NinthDecimal, ShopAdvisor, and Mobee on Tuesday, February 28th at 1pm (EST) for an informative webinar on the stages of a digital proximity marketing campaign and how elements such as product inventory metrics, foot traffic attribution, and crowdsourcing data can upgrade you to the pilot’s seat and help your campaigns soar.

The webinar will cover:

  • The three phases of campaign from pre-campaign targeting, to inflight execution, to post-campaign analytics
  • Ways to integrate multiple solutions and platforms into your campaigns
  • Examples of how to plan, execute, and measure results so that you can be better prepared for future campaigns
  • Best practices for tackling variables and criteria before a campaign takes off

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