JiWire Supports Recent DAA Release of Specs for AdChoices in Mobile

This week, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) released it’s first version of the DAA Ad Market Guidelines for Mobile, a good follow up to the Self Regulatory Guidelines for Mobile they released back in July 2013.  It’s good to see standardization around something we all know in mobile.  A mobile phone is an incredibly useful device that has been integral to our lives – something that we all rely on and arguably can’t live without.  Phones have become incredibly personal, knowing us and our habits, helping to keep us informed about the world, in touch with our friends, entertained about all the things we love and on time to all our appointments.  With something this personal, it’s imperative consumers have clear notification, transparency and choice about how companies are using this data.

I remember back in 2012, when I just came up with the name Location Graph, and we at JiWire knew we were onto something big.  We knew that mobile was more about location, that location itself was the building block to so many great products and services, but wanted to make sure our customers had full transparency into how we would use their data.  So even though we conceived Location Graph way before August 2012, we went to TRUSTe way before launch and told them we needed to figure out mobile together.  We didn’t think we had a product without mobile ad choices.  I remember the decision sessions about how to anonymize a device identifier before IDFA was even conceived.  I remember working with creative folks to make sure there was an invisible touch area behind the icon since that icon can be small for larger fingers.  I remember showing how the experience had to be different between static banners and rich media ad units.  These are all things we developed in conjunction with TRUSTe that I now see are part of the Ad Marker Guidelines.

JiWire has served a mobile ad choices icon with every mobile ad we’ve served since August 2012.  Not sure how many other mobile ad networks can say that.

JiWire has recently submitted some ideas on how the ad choices icon can be used to comply with the Enhanced Notification requirements of the DAA Self Regulatory Guidelines for Mobile.  Hopefully our ideas will be approved since standardization in our industry when it comes to privacy is a good thing for all.