JiWire Raises the Bar in Mobile Advertising With Advanced Audience Targeting and ROI Solutions

JiWire Launches Enhanced Mobile Audiences Based on Where Consumers Spend Their Time and Money by Marrying Its Robust Mobile Location Data With Datalogix’s Offline Purchase Data.

JiWire, the leading location-powered mobile advertising and data platform, today announced a partnership with Datalogix, the big data company connecting digital advertising to offline sales. The partnership enables JiWire to offer advertisers mobile audience solutions through anonymized data on how consumers go about their daily lives, combining two of the most powerful signals for audience – where consumers spend both their time and their money in the physical world.

 JiWire’s new mobile audience offerings enable advertisers to target more precisely based on location and purchase data. For example, advertisers can reach an audience like “healthy lifestyle moms” through location data such as presence in health clubs, parks and healthy restaurants. Integrating Datalogix’s purchase data further enhances this audience to “healthy lifestyle moms who buy organic and/or brand X.”

 “This partnership offers brands a solution that will increase the effectiveness of mobile ad campaigns by marrying offline spending data with JiWire’s robust mobile location data and measurement solutions,” said Michael Cohen, SVP, Strategy & Analysis, DigitasLBi. “This type of audience intelligence offers brands new opportunities to engage consumers on a deeper one-to-one level throughout their path to purchase.”

JiWire’s Location Graph™ platform manages location data with extraordinary precision and accuracy, enabling the highly effective integration of Datalogix’s offline purchase data to create richly contextual mobile audiences. In addition, JiWire’s platform goes beyond household level accuracy to individual anonymous profiles for maximum performance. This new offering builds on JiWire’s recent launch of Location Conversion Index®, the industry’s first mobile ROI metric to measure the actual increase in store visits as a result of mobile advertising. By applying LCI® to campaigns with these enhanced audience segments, marketers are able to measure the ROI from enhanced mobile audience targeting through offline consumer behaviors such as in-store visits.

“Advertisers have to measure and prove the value of every campaign, so they can ensure they are effectively allocating their valuable marketing resources,” said John Dempsey, Head of Mobile and Video Solutions for Datalogix. “Datalogix and JiWire allow advertisers to reach actual buyers on mobile devices, then measure the effectiveness of their mobile campaigns on in-store visits and purchases, so they can continue to iterate and improve those campaigns going forward.”

Hundreds of major retailers and brands rely on JiWire’s world-class location-powered mobile advertising and data platform to engage with and influence consumers throughout the path to purchase. Now, JiWire’s focus turns to giving its customers more robust consumer profiles through partnerships with some of the industry’s most innovative consumer intelligence and purchase data companies. The JiWire-Datalogix solution creates a holistic mobile solution that delivers robust and accurate mapping of mobile audience location, behavior and purchase data, including:

  • JiWire’s Location Graph® platform, its audience targeting solution leveraging location big data to deliver the highest level of precision and accuracy (within 4 feet using advanced data science methodologies)
  • JiWire’s Location Conversion Index® (LCI®), which offers advertisers the ability to understand the ROI of their mobile spend by measuring actual in-store foot traffic and sales data from Datalogix
  • DLX Syndicated Segments, which offer more than 700 pre-built online segments that are derived from offline purchase transactions, as well as demographic and financial data

“The real power of mobile is that it enables us to understand audiences in the context of both the physical and digital world better than any other form of media,” said David Staas, President, JiWire.  “Partnering with Datalogix empowers JiWire to offer brands that insight through the most accurate mobile audience intelligence solutions, from audience targeting to campaign insights to mobile ROI.”

The JiWire-Datalogix end-to-end mobile solution is available immediately. For more information on JiWire Location Graph™ and LCI®, please click here. Details about DLX Segments and DLX ROI can be found here. The Datalogix partnership is the first of several partnerships that will drive mobile advertising innovation.

About JiWire

JiWire is the leading location-powered mobile advertising and data platform. Used by major retailers and marquee brands across verticals, JiWire leverages proprietary historical- and present-location data to engage advertisers’ desired audience across all mobile devices at scale. Its ROI-driven approach and unique data platform leverage both Wi-Fi and mobile location big data to deliver true one-to-one mobile audience targeting at four times higher performance over traditional mobile targeting or geofencing.

With the recent launch of Location Conversion Index®, JiWire offers marketers the ability to measure the ROI of their mobile spend by providing the actual increase of in-store visits directly attributed to their mobile ad campaign.

JiWire has been recognized for its innovation with various awards, including Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious 2012 Best New Product Innovation Award for Mobile Advertising. Headquartered in San Francisco, JiWire also has offices in New York City, Chicago and Silicon Valley. Follow us on Twitter (@jiwire) and check out our Facebook page. Learn more at JiWire or Location Conversion Index®.

 About Datalogix

Datalogix is the big data company connecting digital advertising to offline sales.  We help leading brands reach audiences of buyers across display, video, mobile and social.  DLX ROI® is the industry standard for measuring the offline sales lift resulting from digital marketing campaigns.  The Company’s expertise spans the major consumer segments, including Retail, CPG, and Automotive.  For more information, please visit: http://www.datalogix.com/

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