JiWire Announces Top Trends in Mobile Marketing for 2014

Company Identifies Marketers’ Ability to Leverage Big Data in Mobile as Key to Closing $20B Audience Gap

SAN FRANCISCO — January 23, 2014 — JiWire, the leading location-powered mobile advertising and data platform, today announced its top three predictions for the fast-evolving field of mobile marketing in 2014. JiWire has declared that 2014 will be the year to close the $20 billion audience gap between mobile usage and mobile advertising. For that to happen, mobile advertising technology solutions must provide a holistic approach to mobile campaigns, ultimately enabling brands to effectively engage mobile consumers at the right place and time, and measure ROI over the lifecycle of their campaigns.

“Leveraging big data in mobile to fully understand the consumer path to purchase across the physical and digital worlds is the key to closing the $20 billion mobile audience gap,” said JiWire president David Staas. “JiWire is ready to lead the charge in this arena with the industry’s most effective mobile audience intelligence platform, which leverages mobile, online and offline data to help brands achieve precision targeting, ad engagement and ultimately drive sales.”

JiWire predicts the top mobile technology trends of 2014 will be as follows:

  • Turning Big Data into Mobile Intelligence: Location data acts as a real-world cookie in mobile and is the foundation to building audiences as well as a powerful integration point for combining different types of data. It is the driving factor that truly enables marketers to understand their target audience in both physical and digital environments. Unfortunately, data does not equal intelligence. Big data platforms and sophisticated data science teams are required to translate the massive amounts of raw data in mobile into actionable audience intelligence that can be leveraged for precision targeting, measurement and audience insights.
  • Completing the Path-to-Purchase Puzzle: Mobile usage has transformed the traditional path to purchase, and at the same time it has given companies an unprecedented view into purchaser activity along each stage of the journey. Consumers’ interactions with brands now cross the physical and digital worlds seamlessly, and marketers are starting to understand that the consumer’s decision process includes both online and offline behavior, as well as multi-device engagement. With their ability to identify these unique consumer behaviors, data-centric mobile advertising technology platforms will provide a holistic approach that comprises measurement, audience intelligence through big data, scale and understanding the mobile influenced path to purchase.
  • Measuring Mobile ROI: The ability to track beyond the click with new measurement solutions has given marketers a higher level of understanding into the effectiveness of their mobile ad campaigns. However, this leaves a critical question unanswered — whether their mobile ads are actually driving customers into stores and leading to sales. This year, brands will seek robust solutions that offer advanced measurement and ROI capabilities that span the consumer’s path to purchase. This type of audience intelligence will be critical in terms of measuring awareness, engagement, conversion, physical behaviors such as foot traffic to store locations, and actual purchases and spend data — all in a cross-device environment. Enabling brands to measure the real-world ROI of their mobile ad campaigns will increase confidence in mobile ad effectiveness and help to close the $20 billion audience gap.

About JiWire

JiWire is the leading location-powered mobile advertising and data platform. Used by major retailers and marquee brands across verticals, JiWire leverages proprietary historical- and present-location data to engage advertisers’ desired audience across all mobile devices at scale. Its ROI-driven approach and unique data platform leverage both Wi-Fi and mobile location big data to deliver true one-to-one mobile audience targeting at four times higher performance over traditional mobile targeting or geofencing.

With the launch of Location Conversion Index®, JiWire offers marketers the ability to measure the ROI of their mobile spend by providing the actual increase of in-store visits directly attributed to their mobile ad campaign.

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