JiWire Announces Latest Release of Mobile Audience Intelligence Platform

Enabling Marketers to Leverage JiWire’s Proprietary Audience Data for Programmatic and First and Third Party Integration as well as Expanded Measurement Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO — April 2, 2014 — JiWire, the leading mobile audience intelligence company, today released the latest version of Location Graph™, its proprietary mobile audience intelligence platform. JiWire’s technology evolution extends its audience profiles and intelligence more broadly, integrating it with first- and third-party data for more sophisticated targeting, and enabling advertisers to achieve better mobile campaign performance. This latest version also offers more detailed measurement capabilities to JiWire’s mobile ROI measurement solution. These enhancements are supported by the latest release of JiWire’s proprietary mobile ad server.

It’s no surprise that mobile is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. digital advertising ecosystem — more than doubling ad revenue year-over-year (YOY) from the first half of 2012 to the first half of 2013*. In fact, in Q4 2013, U.S. mobile Internet usage surpassed laptop- and desktop-based Internet usage by 25 percent, making mobile the dominant channel for accessing the Internet**. This growth is significant and points to why JiWire achieved profitability in the fourth quarter of 2013 and delivered more than 100 percent YOY mobile revenue growth. With the trend toward everything mobile — tablet and smartphone — JiWire will continue to deliver on advertisers’ increasing demand on the mobile advertising market that Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker characterizes as a $20 billion opportunity.

Mobile Audience Intelligence Platform
JiWire’s people-centric approach to managing data makes the company’s audience intelligence platform the most precise and accurate in the industry. Leveraging automatic filtering tools, JiWire validates all inbound latitudinal and longitudinal location data to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Furthermore, JiWire’s platform is built to manage this data with a precision of 4 feet or less, a level of detail up to 10,000 times more precise than alternative approaches, providing advertisers the most accurate targeting and measurement solutions.

The ability to integrate JiWire’s Location Graph and audience intelligence data in real-time with external data sources extends its scalability, sophistication and engagement capabilities to provide marketers with the solutions they need. Noteworthy enhancements to the platform include:

  • A Scalable Data Integration Layer: JiWire is now able to extend its audience data into the broader mobile ecosystem with the ability to easily integrate both brand first-party data for services such as CRM retargeting, and third-party data partners such as Datalogix. In addition, this new capability enables JiWire to export their data to support future services such as programmatic audience buying in mobile.
  • Expanded Measurement Capabilities: Location Conversion Index® (LCI®) now includes more granularity in its mobile campaign measurement, enabling advertisers to understand ROI by audience segment and ad creative for even greater insights. LCI can also now support cross-device campaigns.
  • Enhanced Audience Building: Platform expansion includes a 200 percent increase in data-processing capabilities for building more robust audience profiles with first- and third-party data. In addition, this release integrates support for the new Google AdID.

JiWire’s mobile audience intelligence platform is supported by the expanded capabilities of its proprietary mobile ad server, which was specifically created and designed for targeting mobile audiences at scale, and the complexity of synthesizing real-time location data. The latest version expands campaign optimization capabilities for data signals and other capabilities like audience, purchase data and location, as well as traditional targeting parameters like content, demographic, behavior, device, etc. In addition, it optimizes across various ad types, including rich media, display and interstitials, and will support future formats such as mobile video, cross-device and native ads. Supported by JiWire’s RTB bidder designed for mobile audience buying, these campaign optimizations can be executed with great efficiency and speed for campaign performance lifts of up to 50 percent.

“With these latest releases, JiWire has put the technology in place so that advertisers and brands have the key components required to execute successful mobile advertising campaigns,” said David Staas, president, JiWire. “This announcement demonstrates our unwavering commitment to innovation as we continue to address the growing opportunity in the mobile ad industry and budgets shift dramatically to mobile.”

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About JiWire
JiWire is the leading mobile audience intelligence platform. Used by Fortune 500 companies and marquee brands and agencies, JiWire’s ROI-driven approach and proprietary data platform provide the most comprehensive understanding of people by bridging their digital and physical worlds. By integrating mobile, Wi-Fi, offline, and other data sources, JiWire delivers 4X higher performance over other mobile targeting approaches.

JiWire is at the forefront of mobile industry innovation. First, its Location Conversion Index®, the mobile industry’s most accurate drive-to-location metric, offers marketers the ability to measure the ROI of their mobile spend by providing the actual increase of in-store visits directly attributed to their mobile ad campaign. Secondly, JiWire’s strategic partnerships with leading data companies provides advertisers with the ability to reach unique, precise audiences based on two of the most powerful signals of intent — where people spend their time and their money.

JiWire has been recognized for its innovation with numerous industry awards. Headquartered in San Francisco, JiWire also has offices in New York City, Chicago and Silicon Valley. Follow us on Twitter (@jiwire) and check out our Facebook page. Learn more at JiWire or