How to Reap the Benefits of Increasing Automation in 2017

Originally Published on AdWeek December 28, 2016

Everywhere you look, traditional advertising is making strides to embrace the programmatic model that digital media introduced, adopted widely and continues to champion. TV ad campaigns, for example, have become increasingly digitized, giving brands the opportunity to target multiple audience segments that watch specific shows. Throughout the media landscape, more inventory is being sold through programmatic platforms as data and automation converge. For marketers, this offers a powerful opportunity to build campaigns across multiple media channels that are people-centric versus those that are device-focused.

As an industry, we’re already moving beyond a device-focused view of the world. In fact, tying multiple devices to a single user will be the norm in 2017. In the coming year, marketers will have the chance to integrate and automate omni-channel campaigns from start to finish based on silo-busting audience insights and segments that are derived from location data. This new breed of integrated, omni-channel campaigns will also move the industry further towards a standard omni-channel KPI (key performance indicator). […]

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