How SMB’s Can Unlock the Power of Mobile to Drive Leads

Today’s consumer is undoubtedly mobile first. We’re constantly on our mobile phones wherever we go, whether it be working out, picking up the kids, attending sporting events, shopping, or dining out. Our smartphones have essentially become our own personal computers! Well, not quite — but close.

Along with this uptick in mobile usage, consumers are finding more and more ways to customize their devices, using apps that suit their lifestyles and accessing those apps for personal information. Consumer can now use apps for almost anything they want — weather, sports, health, travel, video games, you name it. Apps have allowed mobile usage to become a completely customizable experience.

NinthDecimal has architected a unique platform to capitalize on this notion.  We’ve built a platform around the individual to understand where people spend their daily lives, all within 4 feet of their device.

This is a game-changer.

If you think back to several years ago, you probably remember how important those hotspots were, where you could head into a Starbucks and get WiFi internet access – for free and without any exorbitant data charges.

Today, we all have our own personal hotspots on us at all times with our mobile devices. Data plans are now more affordable, allowing us to access our apps more frequently.

NinthDecimal’s Location Graph takes an individual’s location history information and contextualizes it into real life information. So, what an individual does every day translates into who they are — we can determine if that individual is a stay-at-home mom, business traveler, sports enthusiast, tech enthusiast, etc.

Because we have this Device ID information at the household level, we’re also able to match this with data from 3rd party data providers like Neustar, Datalogix, Pok and others. This allows us to understand purchase behavior and online browsing activity.

In addition to our Location Graph technology, we also have an SMB/Franchise Platform available for local businesses. We’ve created a turn-key, localized advertising platform that includes a customizable mobile website and a geofence to serve engaging ads to consumers, and ultimately drive leads for local businesses.

We’ve completely streamlined the process for an Agency or SMB/Franchisee, where we take care of all the advertising steps. Everything from launch to optimization to reporting. It’s seamless, and it allows the SMB to stay focused on their business-at-hand all while we work hard to help drive them local leads, whether that be through a phone call, appointment requests, driving directions, couponing and more.

If the SMB is not prepared to capitalize on this opportunity — if they don’t have a mobile-friendly website — we create a customized SEO mobile friendly website where we host of all their business information and track all consumer activity within it, whether that be clicks, calls, driving directions, etc.  It’s all tracked in real-time. And because it’s SEO friendly, the site can appear in organic mobile search results on Yahoo, Google and Bing, driving additional leads.

The future looks bright in the world of mobile. NinthDecimal is proud to be leading the industry with innovative solutions for advertisers to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing objectives.