Grocery Shopping Goes Digital! Consumers Use their Mobile Devices Throughout the Path to Purchase

When it comes to grocery shopping, Thanksgiving week is perhaps one of the busiest of the year for grocery stores and consumers alike. For our just-released Q3 Mobile Audience Insights Report, we did a deep-dive into the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) vertical, to uncover audience trends in mobile usage and how people are engaging with CPG brands. We found that people are heavily reliant upon their mobile devices throughout the grocery path to purchase, and make decisions based on information made available to them via mobile device.

JiWire_PR_Chart_Q3_2013_3 2

So what should CPG brands be thinking about as they approach one of the biggest food-related holidays of the year? Our research revealed that consumers are more likely to be influenced by retailer-initiated notifications than by information they need to seek out on their own via mobile search. Specifically, the majority of consumers report being influenced by notifications of sales or promotions, and 47% say they have tried a new product or brand as the result of seeing a mobile ad. While sales and promotions are the largest influencers of shoppers’ purchase decisions, recipes come in a close second with 54% of women and 37% of men adding items to their list if a recipe calls for it. These Insights reveal that even though some families’ Thanksgiving traditions may not change, most consumers are actually open to trying new brands revealed to them in mobile ads, in sales or promotions, or included in recipes.