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Sports Authority closes all of its 463 stores after being in business for almost 30 years.

After almost 30 years in business, Sports Authority has filed for bankruptcy and is shuttering its doors come August, 2016. In March, the company planned to close only 140 of the stores, however after considering restructuring, the decision was made to close the entire company’s 463 stores. Though a sad day for the employees, there is a silver lining for competitors and consumers.

In an effort to recoup financial loss, Sports Authority’s liquidation sale began end of May. The big question now, is what will happen to people who used to visit Sports Authority?  Are they taking advantage of store closing sales, and where else do they shop? Understanding physical world behavioral data can provide answers around the Sports Authority closings and who stands to gain.

NinthDecimal, the leading omni-channel marketing platform harnessing mobile location data, found that over the last year, foot traffic to Sports Authority was down 39%, with minor upticks around back to school but an abnormally flat Holiday shopping season.  Upon announcing store closings and a Memorial Day/ Going out of business sale, traffic since that May weekend has risen 9%. There are 5 major sporting goods competitors that stand to gain via Sports Authority closing, and also major big box retailers.