“Data Portability” and “Device Agnostic” Surface as Central Themes During Tru Optik’s INFronts Conference

Last week, NinthDecimal had the pleasure of attending Tru Optik’s s INFronts conference, hosted at the Crosby Street Hotel in downtown Manhattan.  INFronts is a “content, network and device agnostic forum” held for agencies, brand marketers and media buyers alike to discover and deliberate notable advancements in the world of data-driven Marketing & Advertising.

Tru Optik’s INFronts Conference panel discussing “people-based marketing” & “device/channel agnosticism”

In a short amount of time, attendees mingled with peers, then dove head first into a series of moderated chats and panels set on the stage of the hotel’s trendy underground theater. In the end, the audience walked away feeling stimulated and inspired by the intriguing subject matter and talking points on the critical issues surrounding the future of the industry, particularly: Data/Targeting, Digital Video, and Connected TV.

The agenda kicked off with a spirited fireside chat between Tru Optik CEO, Andre Swanston, and Executive Vice Chairman and President of comScore, Bill Livek, focusing on the pursuit of data integration and seamless measurement/attribution across consumer screens. The spotlight then moved onto an impressively stacked expert panel set out to reconcile and explore the complimentary nature of data vs. creative in the digital realm.

To close, Tru Optik CRO, Michael Scott, invited the next panel of experts to the stage to tackle the abstract and rather complicated question hanging on everyone’s mind:

What does TV even mean anymore, anyway?

All in all – despite TV being the focal point – the central and essential themes of “people-based marketing” and “device/channel agnosticism” rang through the entire conference, leaving us at NinthDecimal nodding our heads and excited to further explore our partnership with Tru Optik and the many other forward-thinking companies represented at INFronts.

Until next year!

(PS. Look out for a follow-up post on “the screen agnostic consumer” coming soon!)