How SMB’s Can Unlock the Power of Mobile to Drive Leads

Today’s consumer is undoubtedly mobile first. We’re constantly on our mobile phones wherever we go, whether it be working out, picking up the kids, attending sporting events, shopping, or dining out. Our smartphones have essentially become our own personal computers! Well, not quite — but close. Along with this uptick in mobile usage, consumers are […]

How Should You, and Your Client, Really Be Measuring Success in Mobile?

It’s no secret that ROI and Success Metrics are a “work in progress” in the mobile space. At NinthDecimal, we believe measurement is the biggest hesitation clients have when it comes to shifting more of their budgets into Mobile. All anyone wants to talk about is how much time consumers are spending on their mobile […]

What’s Been Holding Programmatic Mobile Audiences Back?

Due to the lack of 1:1 audience targeting on mobile, programmatic adaptation has been slow. Its sophisticated display ad tech players that have primarily owned audience targeting, and the industry has long thought of mobile data as siloed from cookie-based targeting, unsure of mobile’s feasibility or application in programmatic buying. While traditional display has been […]

Location in Mobile Advertising: Insights from IAB’s Austin Roadshow

This week I had the opportunity to participate in the IAB’s Austin Mobile Marketing Location Roadshow where I presented a Microsoft Stores case study and participated on a panel with execs from LIN Mobile and AOL/Mapquest.  The subject of the panel was the use of location in mobile. Specifically, how brands can use location data […]

We’re Excited to Announce that JiWire is Now NinthDecimal!

Consumers are now “mobile first” when it comes to digital content, presenting marketers with tremendous new opportunities to engage their audience and build deeper insights about their customers. NinthDecimal delivers these opportunities by building the most comprehensive understanding of people by connecting their digital and physical lives. As the leading mobile audience intelligence company, we […]

Data Driven Creativity

Last week, iMedia hosted a three-day conference to help media agency professionals gain a better understanding of the data-driven marketing world in which we live today. The primary purpose of the conference was to show marketers best practices for utilizing different channels of data at their fingertips to drive effectiveness for their advertising campaigns. As […]

JiWire Supports Recent DAA Release of Specs for AdChoices in Mobile

This week, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) released it’s first version of the DAA Ad Market Guidelines for Mobile, a good follow up to the Self Regulatory Guidelines for Mobile they released back in July 2013.  It’s good to see standardization around something we all know in mobile.  A mobile phone is an incredibly useful […]

JiWire Celebrates Banner Year in 2013

Today, we are proud to announce our major accomplishments of 2013 (see here for the press release) most notably that JiWire was profitable in the fourth quarter of the year and delivered more than 100 percent year-over-year (YOY) mobile revenue growth. These achievements recognize the tremendous progress our company has made in delivering innovative technology […]

Mobile Significantly Influences Consumers’ QSR & Casual Dining Decisions

Today we reveal the key findings from our Q4 Mobile Audience Insights Report, which focused on the QSR and casual dining vertical and how mobile influences consumers’ path-to-purchase behaviors and decisions — from research to determining where to dine. The results are fascinating and show the integral role smartphones & mobile advertising play in delivering […]

Mobile Marketing Predictions 2014

As we see the fast-evolving industry of mobile marketing technology continue to progress, we can’t wait to see what other trends will emerge. Considering the sudden growth in the industry, we feel it’s a perfect time elaborate on our top three predictions for mobile technology trends in 2014: Turning Big Data into Mobile Intelligence:  Location data […]