Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Can Take Back The Holiday Momentum

With the holiday shopping season already in full swing, the all-important question is once again being asked: “Which retail brands will be winners in 2016?” As in recent years, all eyes will be on the battle between brick-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce sites. E-commerce has certainly seen a strong increase in market share over the past […]

How Pokemon Go Reveals New Location Data Opportunities for Businesses

The sudden viral popularity of Pokemon Go has taken the digital world by storm, surprising industry experts by drawing more active users than some of the most well-known apps of the past several years, including Twitter and Tinder. It has also been a wake-up call to marketers about the power of location data as consumers’ […]

Why Mobile Programmatic Will Become An Advertising Necessity

Programmatic ad buying continues to transform the marketing ecosystem as it expands into mobile ad campaigns. We have seen mobile budgets for programmatic grow exponentially over the past year. But it’s more than a shift in resources from traditional digital ad buys that defines this revolution. What’s really exciting is how brands are putting more […]

How Data Is Poised to Significantly Transform Local Marketing

Data is at the front and center of our industry conversations, and this is the year where brands truly realize and embrace the significant power of real-world data. Agencies also play a significant role in this evolution as they invest in their own data platforms and expand their capabilities. In my recent conversations with industry […]