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Brand Recovery Success Requires A New Marketing Framework

As the country went into quarantine more than two months ago, it created an unprecedented economic environment for every brand. Companies had to rapidly rethink every aspect of their business. Every marketer had to develop new strategies and new marketing plans, especially in terms of how to maintain customer relationships when so many traditional customer […]

NinthDecimal Continues Its Momentum of Triple Digit Revenue Growth In 2017

Momentum is an exciting thing. It fires you up, it fires your team up, and it is reflected in the excitement and passion NinthDecimal team members bring to our customers every day. Of course, the flip side of momentum is that you are constantly moving and focused on what’s ahead, with sparse moments to look […]

How Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Can Take Back the Holiday Momentum from Pure E-Commerce Players

Today’s consumers live in an omni-channel world; they expect a seamless experience across traditional and digital media. David Staas, President, NinthDecimal highlights how this holiday season, retailers can take back business from e-commerce competitors and deliver a single customer shopping experience that seamlessly blends physical and digital worlds In recent years, particularly around the holiday […]

Why People-Based Marketing Platforms Will Begin to Dominate in 2017

This past year laid the foundation for major transitions across the marketing landscape. Those trends will accelerate in 2017, ultimately reshaping our industry for decades to come. The drivers of that transformation are two-fold. First, we are in the “Era of Digitalization,” where all forms of media are rapidly becoming digitized — from planning to […]

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Can Take Back The Holiday Momentum

With the holiday shopping season already in full swing, the all-important question is once again being asked: “Which retail brands will be winners in 2016?” As in recent years, all eyes will be on the battle between brick-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce sites. E-commerce has certainly seen a strong increase in market share over the past […]

Why Mobile Programmatic Will Become An Advertising Necessity

Programmatic ad buying continues to transform the marketing ecosystem as it expands into mobile ad campaigns. We have seen mobile budgets for programmatic grow exponentially over the past year. But it’s more than a shift in resources from traditional digital ad buys that defines this revolution. What’s really exciting is how brands are putting more […]