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NinthDecimal Riding Data-Driven Demand

Momentum is a funny thing. Wins quickly add up, and before you know, the journey carried you miles beyond your starting point. For a business, especially a startup, early wins are crucial. Read More

Acxiom Expands NinthDecimal Location Data Partnership

The growth of location data sharing just keeps chugging along. The latest is an expansion of a pair-up between mobile location information company NinthDecimal and data services giant Acxiom, a firm with a data broker pedigree that has steadily built its marketing related capabilities in recent years.

How This Regional Toyota Marketer Connected TV Ads to Dealer Visits

In June and July, 652,000 households in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas saw at least twice as many TV ads promoting summertime deals on the Toyota Camry as others in the region.

Mobile Agency Of The Year: The Media Kitchen

In 2014, MediaPost named The Media Kitchen our “Search (Programmatic) Agency of the Year,” our first ever recognition for that category, largely because it did away with a siloed way of thinking about media. By fusing its search and programmatic practices under one integrated view of a “biddable media” marketplace, TMK hit all our core […]

10 Entrepreneurs Share Their ‘Big Dream’ for 2017

What is coming for next year? These leaders have a big dream they want to share. What will the new year bring for most of us? Hope and fulfillment, pain and suffering? No one knows for sure. As usual, it’s a time to evaluate the last year and look forward to the new year. These […]