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Acxiom Expands NinthDecimal Location Data Partnership

The growth of location data sharing just keeps chugging along. The latest is an expansion of a pair-up between mobile location information company NinthDecimal and data services giant Acxiom, a firm with a data broker pedigree that has steadily built its marketing related capabilities in recent years.

Mobile Agency Of The Year: The Media Kitchen

In 2014, MediaPost named The Media Kitchen our “Search (Programmatic) Agency of the Year,” our first ever recognition for that category, largely because it did away with a siloed way of thinking about media. By fusing its search and programmatic practices under one integrated view of a “biddable media” marketplace, TMK hit all our core […]

10 Entrepreneurs Share Their ‘Big Dream’ for 2017

What is coming for next year? These leaders have a big dream they want to share. What will the new year bring for most of us? Hope and fulfillment, pain and suffering? No one knows for sure. As usual, it’s a time to evaluate the last year and look forward to the new year. These […]