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Focus on Feet, Not Eyeballs: Why New TV Metrics Are Turning The Industry Upside Down

Lindsey DiGiorgio, VP of Marketing for NinthDecimal explains, the way we consume content has evolved quickly, forcing marketers to rethink the way they engage with their target market. Whether it’s trying to reach the millennials who want to escape a world of ad pollution or speak to the cord-cutting viewers who ditch cable or satellite […]

The Future of TV Metrics

How new KPIs are turning the industry upside down How we consume TV continues to fragment while the notion of TV has become more about the type and quality of content, rather than the stationary flat screen mounted in the living room. Think back to the last time you watched an entire television series, week […]

3 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Advertising’s Automation Revolution

The marketing automation revolution is growing beyond digital this year. Digital media introduced the game-changing programmatic model for ad-buying, in which marketers win inventory by automatically bidding on it for specific audiences across channels. But traditional advertising is quickly catching up to this new approach that has been so widely adopted and championed across digital. […]

How to Reap the Benefits of Increasing Automation in 2017

Everywhere you look, traditional advertising is making strides to embrace the programmatic model that digital media introduced, adopted widely and continues to champion. TV ad campaigns, for example, have become increasingly digitized, giving brands the opportunity to target multiple audience segments that watch specific shows. Throughout the media landscape, more inventory is being sold through […]

Learn About Offline Attribution in Our Brand New Measurement Playbook

NinthDecimal is proud to share our hot-off-the-press Measurement Playbook, aimed to educate the ecosystem on how location data can help marketers measure advertising’s impact on real world behavior. The playbook guides the reader through the challenges marketers face with traditional attribution options and how the right location data can reveal true offline attribution insights. You’ll […]

How Pokemon Go Reveals New Location Data Opportunities for Businesses

The sudden viral popularity of Pokemon Go has taken the digital world by storm, surprising industry experts by drawing more active users than some of the most well-known apps of the past several years, including Twitter and Tinder. It has also been a wake-up call to marketers about the power of location data as consumers’ […]

NinthDecimal & TiVo Host Rooftop Cocktails at AdWeek NYC

On the evening of Sept. 30th with Ad Week NY in full swing, NinthDecimal & TiVo co-hosted a vibrant cocktail party on the rooftop of the Roosevelt Hotel’s MAD46.  The weather cleared and provided us a picturesque vantage over Manhattan to celebrate our partnership that makes omni-channel measurement a reality for marketers looking to close […]

What’s Been Holding Programmatic Mobile Audiences Back?

Due to the lack of 1:1 audience targeting on mobile, programmatic adaptation has been slow. Its sophisticated display ad tech players that have primarily owned audience targeting, and the industry has long thought of mobile data as siloed from cookie-based targeting, unsure of mobile’s feasibility or application in programmatic buying. While traditional display has been […]