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Bright Ideas Playbook

Inside look at how top brands are leveraging today’s data and technology to achieve omni-channel marketing success.

Top TV Programs & Networks Among Fast Food Diners

On average, diners at the top 5 QSRs watch 12 percent more TV than the general population. So, what are they watching and when? The results may surprise you! Combining location intelligence and TV ratings, NinthDecimal uncovered viewing trends of diners from the top 5 QSRs that can easily be activated by brands.

6 Self-Service Location Intelligence Solutions

When CraveLabs opened up its platform to media planners and analysts looking for self-service location intelligence solutions last year, the company joined a select group of hyperlocal vendors. Thanks in part to the maturing location intelligence market, a small but growing number of firms are providing self-service capabilities to sophisticated clients. The demand for these […]

NinthDecimal’s Brian Kilmer On The Power Of Mobile To Drive Store Traffic

When location-data marketing platform NinthDecimal studied the connection between digital assets and offline sales, it found that mobile generated a higher incremental lift in store visits than mobile and desktop. “So it’s really about that consumer shopping journey,” says Brian Kilmer, the company’s SVP of Advanced Television & Central Region Sales…

NinthDecimal Launches Industry’s First Website-to-Store Attribution Solution

NinthDecimal partnered with Ansira, one of the largest independently owned digital, CRM, and channel marketing agencies in the country, to further test this new website-to-store attribution solution.

NinthDecimal Announces ‘Website to Store’ Offline Attribution Capability

In testing out the new capability, NinthDecimal conducted a study with agency Ansira, across three industries (QSR, automotive and retail). The companies found that “the device a person uses to access a website may have a direct correlation to whether they visit a physical store.” Mobile devices, as one might expect, were responsible for driving […]

NinthDecimal Launches Website-to-Store Attribution Solution

NinthDecimal believes that its new product will become a key tool for brands looking to better understand omni-channel shopping behaviors, which have become critical to success. Website LCI was designed to fill this blind spot and give brands insights to build marketing strategies designed around real world KPIs.

Can Retailers Combat ‘Webrooming’ With NinthDecimal’s Website-To-Store Attribution?

For location analytics provider NinthDecimal, webrooming represents a need for marketing solutions that help brands understand, and capitalize on, omnichannel behavior. Or, as David Staas, president of NinthDecimal, notes, brick-and-mortar brands can’t just worry about the impact of mobile commerce competition.

How Convenience Stores Can Drive More Foot Traffic Over The Holiday Season

A combination of rich media and location targeting last holiday season helped RaceTrac generate a 47 percent lift in traffic at the gas station convenience store chain’s 450 outlets across the southern United States.

Measurement Playbook

This playbook guides the reader through the challenges marketers face with traditional attribution options and how the right location data can reveal true offline attribution insights.