9Dialogues Featuring Peter Gent

9Dialogues” speaks with Peter Gent, Director of Data Partnerships for The Trade Desk. In this installment, we cover the impact of a positive company culture, growth of offline attribution and the NinthDecimal/The Trade Desk partnership that is helping brands deliver on their marketing strategies.
Peter Gent

Peter Gent, Director of Data Partnerships – The Trade Desk

“Together, our integration helps our advertisers solve for common campaign strategies like competitive conquesting and location-based retargeting.”

What is your professional background and current area of expertise at The Trade Desk?

I’ve been with The Trade Desk for almost four years as a Director on the Data Partnerships team. Prior to joining, I worked on data APIs and in paid search at Gnip, Trada and Intuit.

My focus at The Trade Desk is improving the measurement solutions available on our platform. Currently, I’m really excited about what’s happening with offline attribution. Advertisers can now activate their offline (in-store) data in our platform for more intelligent and consumer-centric campaigns by incorporating all elements of the customer journey into the decision making process.

What are some of the top marketing and advertising challenges that The Trade Desk helps solve?

The Trade Desk is an independent demand-side platform (DSP), where buyers of advertising can manage data-driven ad campaigns on digital devices, including connected TV, mobile, and desktop, and across digital channels, including audio, display, social, and video. We help platform users deliver targeted and meaningful ad experiences for digital consumers. We also work to ensure that advertisers can buy with confidence, empowering them with control over where their ads appear and who sees them.

How did The Trade Desk and NinthDecimal form their partnership, and why do you think it’s important for companies like 9D and The Trade Desk to work together?

The Trade Desk and NinthDecimal began working together back in 2015. The Trade Desk’s clients were looking to connect with their audiences in specific locations, so my team went into market to find the best data providers to meet that need and onboard location-based segments into our platform.

Our partnership allows buyers to layer on NinthDecimal’s custom audiences and its standard taxonomy for audience targeting. Together, our integration helps our advertisers solve for common campaign strategies like competitive conquesting and location-based retargeting.

Feedback from the market is that The Trade Desk is the best DSP to work with because of its impeccable customer service! What do you think makes you the top DSP?

First off, thank you! At The Trade Desk, our two greatest assets are our technology and our people. The Trade Desk was founded with the objective of making advertising better and more transparent for everyone, and we work toward making that goal a reality every day. We have a platform that empowers buyers to monetize inventory in real-time and at scale. And behind that platform is an extremely capable team, constantly optimizing our tech to further empower advertisers to deliver better ad experiences. In Advertiser Perceptions’ latest Programmatic Intelligence Report, buyers stated that they were more likely to recommend The Trade Desk’s DSP over any other.

Technology aside, The Trade Desk is all about its people, and we’re extremely protective of our culture. To maintain our very open and close-knit culture, and we seek to hire smart people who demonstrate grit and humility. Every year, we have a company-wide event, what we call ‘Palooza’, where all employees from around the world spend a week together and talk about various aspects of our business. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced anywhere else and really makes The Trade Desk feel like a family.

What do you like most about working with NinthDecimal?

I love the flexibility and customization that NinthDecimal brings to our clients. When buyers need customized, location-originated targeting options, it’s great to have a reliable partner like NinthDecimal who can deliver audiences at scale.

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