9Dialogues Featuring Lauren Zukowski

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Lauren Zukowski, Senior Director of Partner Revenue at NinthDecimal

In this installment of “9Dialogues”, we speak with Lauren Zukowski about her role as Senior Director of Partner Revenue at NinthDecimal, experience working with partners, and outlook on the marketing & advertising industry.

What is your current role at NinthDecimal?

I have four major roles as Sr. Director of Partner Revenue.

  1. Managing seven partnerships with major DSPs
  2. Directing the partner management team
  3. Directing the partner sales team
  4. Running revenue strategy for NinthDecimal Data/Programmatic solutions.

How did your background lead you here?

I went from working in SEO/SEM Advertising in Silicon Valley about 13 years ago, to focusing on Display at a premium ad network in New York City, to all things data at Neustar. Mobile seemed like the logical next stop on my journey through the Marketing & Advertising world and the data focus was right up my alley! 

What partnership has been exceptionally exciting to manage?

The Trade Desk (TTD) because they are very engaged with partner initiatives and always first to market with new capabilities.

What are the top ways NinthDecimal complements or fill gaps for partners?

First, our location data is best in breed. Secondly, but just as important, our partner revenue, sales and client success teams work exceptionally well with other organizations. Our goal is to provide top-class customer service and we’re able to serve as an extension of our partners’ teams very easily. It sounds simple, but it really is a game changer for our business.

What are some of the most exciting data and tech trends you’re seeing?

New capabilities with TV and omni-channel marketing in general. More and more of our clients are synchronizing media across channels – digital, TV, print, OOH, etc. From engagement to retargeting, marketers that are using all channels to amplify their brand and messaging to drive consumers down the consideration funnel for greater ROI are at the forefront of marketing strategy and technology.

What capabilities are clients (or partners) demanding the most, and how are we evolving to meet those demands?

TV Measurement. Marketers want to justify their TV spend just as they do with digital, especially because TV advertising is a much higher price point. When they can prove ROI with foot-traffic lift, for example, it helps them realize the overall value of the traditional media they are buying. Our TV LCI solution spans Linear, Addressable, Connected/OTT, which is really powerful for marketers and big brands that invest heavily in TV.

What is an exciting innovation most marketers don’t take advantage of?

Virtual Reality, or addressable and interactive TV. There are solutions that enable agencies and brands to run a local commercial with an overlay for viewers to click through an ad to buy something on a site. Click-to-buy social content is a similar animal many brands are starting to take advantage of. Interactivity is a big trend that’s here to stay and I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve.

What do you like most about working at NinthDecimal?

The people that I work with are so eager to learn and expand their knowledge. I feel like I can learn something valuable and different from anyone I work with and that, in itself, is very rewarding.