9Dialogues: Featuring Brian Kilmer

Brian Kilmer, SVP of Advanced Television & Central Regional Sales

9Dialogues Provides an Inside Look at the NinthDecimal Culture and the Amazing People Behind Its Success

In this installment of “9Dialogues”, we speak with Brian Kilmer, SVP of Advanced Television & Central Regional Sales about integrating 9D data within TV buys to meet marketers’ demands of reaching their customers across the new TV ecosystem. 

What is your role here at NinthDecimal?

I have two roles at NinthDecimal.  I oversee the Central Region Sales Team, working with sellers in Chicago, Detroit, Dallas and St. Louis as we work with clients and agencies to create solutions that help them drive the best customers into their stores more often.

I also oversee NinthDecimal’s Advanced Television Solutions Team from a revenue perspective. In this role, I work with clients, agencies and TV providers to both help integrate NinthDecimal data within their TV buys across linear, connected, OTT and addressable platforms, as well as help measure the effectiveness of this advertising as it relates to driving incremental store visits.

What do you see as 9D’s role in the new TV ecosystem?

There is a strong demand from marketers to get smarter within their television and video initiatives. NinthDecimal can help marketers in several different ways.  We create insights to highlight the best networks and shows to reach key audiences, like your own frequent shoppers or shoppers of competitive brands. NinthDecimal also helps marketers buy against these same audiences across the advanced television landscape. Finally, we help marketers understand the best performing networks, audiences, creative, dayparts as well as combinations of digital/television mix to drive the most in-store visitation lift.

What are some common challenges that these new TV opportunities are able to solve for marketers?

It’s a really complex space at the moment. For example, within the addressable television platform, you have numerous MVPDs and different data options, all with different scale and measurement capabilities. For a marketer entering the space, it can be overwhelming. Often times advertisers feel the pressure to try these new platforms, without really knowing what the output will be, and that can be scary. With NinthDecimal’s measurement product, LCI®, we help these marketers understand what is working best and what is not working as well, so that these initial tests yield valuable and actionable insights.

What makes you excited about the future in this space?

I am really excited to see the convergence of the best of what digital marketing offers and the best of what traditional television offers. I’ve seen time and time again that television and video advertising really works well at not only driving top of funnel metrics, but also mid and lower funnel activities. By tying digital-based audiences and measurement into the world of sight, sound and motion, marketers are really able to not only get a deeper understanding of not only their customers’ behaviors, but also the messaging that is most effective and driving them in-store.

What do you like most about working at NinthDecimal?

The best part of working at NinthDecimal is being able to help really smart marketers with elements of their business they can’t solve on their own. I’ve been in numerous meetings where a client will say, “I’ve been looking for this type of solution!” It’s fulfilling to not only create really valuable partnerships, but also help solve complex marketing challenges that go beyond traditional banners or media campaigns.