9D University Rocked Carat’s Mobile Day

It was back to school for those at the Carat Mobile Immersion Day. A special appearance was made by “Professor” Kevin Ching (VP of Product) who headed the 301 class on the Mastering Mobile Location Application. Staying true to pedagogy, a pop quiz was given at the start of each session to brand-specific teams about their brand’s history, geography, and humanities. Chiming in for the open Q&A that followed were “Dean of Students” Todd Adest (VP of Sales) and “Adjunct Professor” Priyanka Jimenez (Sales Director) who talked about their brand’s audience and how to vamp up the methods of reaching their customer base. The class participated in a thought-starter discussion and threw around ideas on how to reach the ideal customer and leverage CRM data, how to conquest competitor’s customers and how omni-channel measurement is the best way to reach individuals exposed to digital, TV, and OOH messaging.

At the sound of the bell, each “student” left wrapped in 9D snuggies, which the 9D faculty anticipates will keep them warm and cozy while they complete their take-home exams, because, yes, there was also one of those too. Luckily, it’s open book.

A thank you to Carat for inviting NinthDecimal to participate in this event and for allowing us to hold our 9D University educational sessions. It brings a whole new definition to the idea of being “home-schooled”.

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