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Economic Recovery Use Case: In partnership with Kraft Analytics Group, EMI is helping address how likely NFL fans will return to stadiums this season.


Economic Recovery Use Case: In partnership with Kraft Analytics Group, EMI is helping address how likely NFL fans will return to stadiums this season.

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NinthDecimal joins InMarket to create the
definitive leader in real-time, data-driven marketing

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NinthDecimal joins InMarket to create the definitive leader in real-time, data-driven marketing.

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The Customer Growth Engine for the Physical World

You need to grow your brand. That means new customers, visits, and sales.
It’s time to refocus your marketing spend on real business results.
It’s time for a marketing platform optimized on what matters to you: Driving Growth

Powering real business results for the world’s leading companies


Powering Real Business Results


who you know with
everyone you want to know


the behaviors & shopping
trends that drive growth


marketing spend to
maximize customer growth










The Largest Real-Time Engine of Consumer Offline Behavior


  • maps real-time consumer offline behavior
  • Map real-time
    consumer offline

Built with Precision


  • connect consumer behavior to your marketing
  • Connect consumer offline behavior to all your marketing

Unlocks Your Data

Machine Learning Fueled by Visit Patterns, Shopping Behaviors and Brand Preferences

NinthDecimal is the only offline behavior company verified by Comscore


Data accuracy

Visit methodology

Data hygiene

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NinthDecimal is the only offline behavior company verified by Comscore


Data accuracy

Visit methodology

Data hygiene

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InMarket buys NinthDecimal to compete with Foursquare more effectively

The combined entity, InMarket, says “on day one” it will have revenue of $100 million, 550 partners and serve a large […]

InMarket CEO Says NinthDecimal Acquisition Will Push Revenue To $100M, Improve Data-Driven Marketing

NinthDecimal’s strengths with brands across several vertical markets including home improvement, Telco and QSR add to InMarket’s […]

Two of the biggest names in location targeting lay out how they plan take on big rivals like Foursquare and help marketers fend off privacy concerns

The two companies have combined annual revenue of $100 million and aim to build a large location business to help marketers […]

How Do We Deal with the Challenges of Attribution? Keep it Real and Keep it Actionable

As martech professionals, we share a strident pursuit of the perfect attribution formula, which has arguably become one of […]

Localogy Leaders: Podcast

Featuring Ninth Decimal President, David Staas Hosted by Senior Analyst, Michael Boland - June 23, 2020 Join Host Michael […]

Brand Recovery Success Requires A New Marketing Framework

As the country went into quarantine more than two months ago, it created an unprecedented economic environment for every […]

The OOH Renaissance Was Here – And Then There Was Coronavirus

NinthDecimal is repackaging its data to answer questions like at what point stores in relatively unaffected markets will […]

NinthDecimal Expands Closed-Loop Planning & Measurement Capabilities Through Inscape Partnership

SAN FRANCISCO – October 30, 2019 –  NinthDecimal, the leading omni-channel marketing platform and Inscape, the leading […]

NinthDecimal Joins Roku Measurement Partner Program for Offline Attribution

SAN FRANCISCO — July 24, 2019 — NinthDecimal, the leading omni-channel marketing platform, today announced that it has […]

NinthDecimal Launches First Multi-Touch Attribution Solution for Foot Traffic Measurement

SAN FRANCISCO —July 11, 2019— NinthDecimal, the leading omni-channel marketing platform, today announced the launch of […]

Embracing Outcome-Based Measurement For Growth

Ever heard of “Don’t buy if you can’t track”? This is particularly true for digital advertising. In the U.S., advertisers […]

NinthDecimal Accelerates Its Enterprise SaaS Business In 2018

High Growth Data and Measurement Businesses Help Fuel Profitability Milestone SAN FRANCISCO — May 9, 2019 — NinthDecimal, […]

IAB & IAB Tech Lab Recognize Outstanding Digital Marketing Leaders

IAB, the national trade organization for the digital media and marketing industries, was joined today by the IAB Tech […]

comScore Validates NinthDecimal’s Location and Visit Metrics

NinthDecimal, the leading omni-channel marketing platform, today announced that its visit […]

Pinterest Added New Measurement Options From Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat and NinthDecimal

Pinterest and new partner NinthDecimal have already analyzed billions of ad impressions across verticals [...]

Ad Targeting 2018 Report

A growing number of NinthDecimal’s clients look to the firm to identify potential life events by tracking the location […]

Can Party City Fill The Toys R Us Void With Seasonal ‘Toy City’ Pop-Ups?

This week, analysis from omnichannel marketing data provider NinthDecimal showed that Toys R Us experienced an e-commerce […]

NinthDecimal Launches Toolset to Identify True Growth Metrics

“Since we introduced LCI in 2013, we’ve been focused on creating an always-on measurement platform that connects the […]

NinthDecimal Visit Metrics Promises Greater Ease For SMBs To Access Foot Traffic Attribution

With the addition of “Visit Metrics,” NinthDecimal is promising “vital insights into what is driving customer growth […]

O2O Measurement and Marketing 2018

The combination of visitation and purchase data can also reveal gaps in the customer experience within a store. “If people […]

What NinthDecimal’s Growth Means for the Hyperlocal Marketing Industry

In an announcement that could be indicative of larger trends in the location-data space, the omnichannel marketing platform […]

NinthDecimal's Omni-Channel Marketing Platform Generates More Than 100 Percent Annual Revenue Growth for the Third Consecutive Year

NinthDecimal, the leading omni-channel marketing platform powering real-world conversions […]

Location Intelligence Is Helping QSRs Tune Into What Fast Food Diners are Watching

It wasn’t too long ago that marketers only associated location data with geo-fencing for retail. The truth is, location […]

The Challenges of Mobile Measurement and Targeting

A look at what will help marketers make progress in 2018. Despite rapid growth, mobile advertising has been hampered by fragmented […]

Fast Food Ratings: ABC Is The Top Network For QSR Visitors

'Visitors to top five fast food restaurants watch roughly 12 percent more TV than the general population,' says NinthDecimal's […]

6 Self-Service Location Intelligence Solutions

When CraveLabs opened up its platform to media planners and analysts looking for self-service location intelligence solutions […]

NinthDecimal’s Brian Kilmer On The Power Of Mobile To Drive Store Traffic

When location-data marketing platform NinthDecimal studied the connection between digital assets and offline sales, it […]

NinthDecimal Joins InMarket to Create the Definitive Leader in Real-Time, Data-Driven Marketing

Since starting our journey over a decade ago, NinthDecimal’s vision has been to create a customer-growth platform that […]

Economic Mobility Index™: Answering the “Where” and “When” Should I Ramp Up My Marketing Spend

One of the biggest challenges marketers face right now is where and when to increase marketing spend as part of a recovery […]

Honoring Local Heroes on The Frontlines

NinthDecimal launched the 9D For Local Heroes program to recognize the selfless, heroic efforts of medical and safety […]

Are Promotions Effective at Driving Foot Traffic in A World Where Online Ordering Is King? For QSRs, The Answer Is Yes.

We’ve all experienced impulse buying. Those strategically placed candy bars at the checkout, or the extra side of fries […]

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